“Top Smart Plugs in 2023: An Overview of the Best Options”

Top Smart Plugs for Your Home

There’s a huge range of user-friendly smart home devices that work with one or more of the popular voice assistant ecosystems. Putting a smart home together isn’t all that difficult and doesn’t require you to go out and buy a ton of new smart electronics. For simple stuff like lights and some coffee makers, you can just pop in a smart plug and program away.

The following are some of the top smart plugs available:

Part of one of the most popular product lines for both Google and Alexa smart homes, TP-Link’s Kasa EP25 is compact, effective, and reliable. Users almost universally agree that installation and day-to-day control are as easy as can be, and it responds to commands almost instantly. It’s one of the few low-cost options that even supports Apple HomeKit.

The Kasa HS300 is a smart power strip of six smart plugs that can be controlled individually. A set of three USB ports stays on at all times and is perfect for powering or charging devices. And, it boasts surge protection to keep your devices safe from electrical storms and power grid issues.

Govee Smart Plug

The Govee smart plug works well, isn’t difficult to use, and works with most smart devices. It offers great value for money since it comes in a four-pack and is also routinely discounted.

Wyze A6 Outdoor

The best choice for various climates is the Wyze A6 Outdoor. It has an IP64 rating against dust and water and is safe between -4 and 120 degrees. This smart plug has Amazon’s Certified for Humans approval, making it user-friendly. Also, it has an integrated ambient light sensor.

TP-Lank Tap P125M

The TP-Lank Tap P125M is the first smart plug to support all three major smart home ecosystems. It works great with multiple platforms and will continue to become more versatile and easier to use as the standard gets ironed out.

Amazon Certified for Humans Smart Plug

The big selling point of Amazon’s Certified for Humans smart plug is its impeccably smooth integration with Alexa voice control. It’s perfect for anybody already heavily invested in an Alexa-based smart home but does lack support for IFTTT.

Meross MSS630

The Meross MSS630 is worth a look if you’re working with a more complex outdoor lighting setup than most people. Its support for the SmartThings and Apple HomeKit ecosystems helps it stand out from the crowd.

Philips Hue Smart Plug

The Philips Hue Smart Plug connects normal “dumb” lighting to a Hue Hub. It gives you a wide range of options for even the most straightforward wall-powered lamp. You’ll need an actual Hue Hub to get any use out of it whatsoever.

Monster MS400

The Monster MS400 is great in its remarkably low price and a six-foot cord that’s far longer than most of the competition. Its 1,200 joules of surge protection is far more than most other smart plugs and power strips.

Govee Dual

Govee Dual combines a pair of plugs into one standard, 15-amp adapter. It’s perfect for tight spaces lacking electrical connections.