“Translate Images with Ease: Google Translate for Web”

Google Translate on Web Now Allows Image Translation

Google Translate is a great tool that offers quick and easy translations. While the web and mobile versions both exist, the latter offers more features than the former. The mobile app enables real-time translations during conversations and the ability to translate text from images. However, the web version has added one feature that is beneficial – image translation.

In a Google Translate support community post, the company announced the rollout of the image translation feature. While Google Lens already exists for translating online images, there was previously no way to upload and translate locally-stored images.

To use image translation on Google Translate’s web version, click on the Images option at the top of the page, then select the image you want to translate. However, there’s no drag-and-drop option for direct translation.

After uploading your image, select the language for conversion and choose between copying or downloading the translated text. Furthermore, you can enable the Show original toggle to view the original and translated text side by side.

The mobile app version of Google Translate provides a better user experience with additional features like the ability to listen to translations or manually copying specific translated parts. However, the ability to translate images on the web is still useful.

Interestingly, Google is working on making image translation faster and easier in Chrome.

If your phone isn’t accessible, Google Translate on the web can come in handy. If you’re new to Google Translate, check out four easy ways to use the tool.