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Trovo is an innovative platform that offers a variety of services to help you grow your business. From marketing, to web design, to branding, Trovo has the tools you need to succeed. Discover the power of Trovo today and take your business to the next level.

Trovo Apk

Trovo is a live streaming platform that enables creators to connect with their audiences in a unique way. It allows streamers to engage with their viewers by creating interactive experiences such as quizzes, polls, and games. Trovo also offers tools for streamers to monetize their streams, including virtual currency, subscriptions, and sponsorships. Streamers can also collaborate with other streamers, share their content, and create custom experiences for their viewers. Trovo offers a variety of features to make streaming easier and more engaging, such as custom overlays, chat filters, and analytics. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Trovo is a great platform for streamers of all levels to share their content and engage with their viewers.
  • Live streaming of content from creators around the world
  • Real-time interactive experiences with viewers
  • Interactive game shows, quizzes, and more
  • In-depth analytics to track stream performance
  • Collaborative tools to help creators build their community
  • A rewards system to incentivize viewers and creators
  • Integrated payment system to enable monetization

Trovo Apk Download


Trovo Apk Features

Feature Description
Live streaming Trovo allows you to live stream your gaming experience to the world.
Interactive Chat Trovo lets you connect with your viewers and create an interactive community with its integrated chat system.
Real-time Analytics Trovo provides real-time analytics to help you understand how your stream is doing and how to improve it.
Partner Program Trovo offers a partner program to help streamers monetize their streams and grow their audience.
Social Media Integration Trovo allows you to easily share your streams on popular social media platforms.

What’s new in Trovo

Date Update Details
April 2020 Update to Trovo’s Privacy Policy Trovo updated its privacy policy to provide users with more control over their data.
July 2020 Trovo Live Streams Trovo launched its live streaming feature, allowing users to stream their gaming experiences and interact with viewers.
October 2020 New Subscription Options Trovo introduced new subscription options, including ad-free streaming and exclusive content.
December 2020 Trovo Rewards Program Trovo launched its rewards program, allowing users to earn points for watching and streaming content.