Tsuki Odyssey Apk Download (Latest Version)

Experience an epic journey of adventure and discovery in Tsuki Odyssey, a captivating role-playing game. Explore a beautiful fantasy world, battle monsters, and uncover hidden secrets as you uncover the truth behind the mysterious Moon Goddess. Uncover the secrets of the Moon Goddess and unravel the mysteries of the world.

Tsuki Odyssey Apk

Tsuki Odyssey is a Japanese role-playing game developed by Kogado Studio. The game follows the story of a group of students on a journey to save their world from destruction. Players take control of a group of heroes as they explore an expansive world filled with monsters, dungeons, and puzzles. The game features turn-based battles with a unique battle system that combines strategy and action. Players can customize their characters with a variety of weapons, armor, and items. The game also features an interesting story that takes the player through multiple plot twists and turns. Tsuki Odyssey is an enjoyable game for those who enjoy classic Japanese RPGs and are looking for something a bit different.
  • Explore an expansive world full of mystery and adventure
  • Unlock powerful abilities and special moves to defeat enemies
  • Customize your character with a variety of weapons, armor, and accessories
  • Battle powerful bosses and discover hidden secrets
  • Interact with a cast of colorful characters
  • Unlock new areas, progress through the story, and discover new secrets

Tsuki Odyssey Apk Download


Tsuki Odyssey Apk Features

Feature Description
Unique Story Experience a unique story with multiple endings.
Turn-Based Combat Engage in turn-based battles with an array of characters.
Customization Customize your characters with unique weapons and armor.
Exploration Explore the world of Tsuki Odyssey, uncovering secrets and hidden treasures.
Mini Games Play various mini games to earn rewards and progress the story.

What’s new in Tsuki Odyssey

Update Date Details
Tsuki Odyssey v1.0 June 15, 2020 Initial release of the game
Tsuki Odyssey v1.1 June 22, 2020 Added new levels and bug fixes
Tsuki Odyssey v1.2 July 6, 2020 Added new characters and improved graphics
Tsuki Odyssey v1.3 July 20, 2020 Added new power-ups and improved game play
Tsuki Odyssey v1.4 August 3, 2020 Added new levels and improved controls