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tweencraft Apk

TweenCraft is a digital platform designed to help tweens (ages 8-12) learn the basics of coding and game design. It provides a wide range of activities, such as creating custom games, 3D printing, and robotics. It also offers an online community where tweens can share their projects and collaborate with other members. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, TweenCraft makes it easy for tweens to learn the basics of coding and game design. TweenCraft also provides a variety of resources and tutorials to help tweens develop their skills. By providing a safe and engaging platform, TweenCraft encourages tweens to explore their creativity and develop their coding and game design skills.
  • A fun and innovative way to play Minecraft with friends
  • Create custom worlds and build amazing structures
  • Explore and discover new resources
  • Compete in mini-games with other players
  • Chat with friends in the game
  • Play with up to 8 players
  • Access to exclusive content and updates

tweencraft Apk Download


tweencraft Apk Features

Features Description
Create Create your own 3D models, characters and worlds with the powerful TweenCraft editor.
Animate Animate your 3D models and characters with the intuitive animation tools.
Share Share your creations with the world by publishing them to the TweenCraft community.
Collaborate Collaborate with other creators to create amazing 3D projects.
Explore Explore the amazing creations of the TweenCraft community.

What’s new in tweencraft

Date Update
August 2020 Added the ability to customize the background of the game.
July 2020 Added new levels and challenges.
June 2020 Added a new character and new items.
May 2020 Added a new game mode and improved graphics.
April 2020 Added a new map and improved performance.