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Fitbit’s Health Metrics Dashboard Now Free for All Users

Fitbit Premium, the company’s subscription service, previously allowed users access to detailed sleep analysis and a readiness score each morning. However, beginning today, Fitbit’s Health Metrics Dashboard is now a free feature for all users. The dashboard provides information such as breathing rate, resting heart rate, heart-rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, and skin temperature. This historical data will be made available to all users this month, and they will be able to view daily and historical views ranging from seven, 30, or 90 days. Google emphasizes that users can see trends over longer periods and understand what metrics have changed from their baseline. Notably, not all Fitbit devices monitor all statistics such as skin temperature measured by the Google Pixel Watch.

Previously, much of this information was restricted to Premium subscribers. This paywall was an aggressive way to push Premium subscriptions, especially because Fitbit devices gathered this information regardless of subscription status. The Premium service still offers additional features like a Stress Management Score and access to workout and mindfulness activity libraries. However, users who do not wish to pay a recurring subscription fee can now have a better experience with Fitbit’s free service. Considering that Fitbit offers some of the best trackers in the market, this change is fantastic news. Google reports that the rollout for this change begins today; however, some users may not see it on their device until later this month.