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Are you looking for a reliable and user-friendly timetabling software? Look no further! Untis is the perfect solution for creating and managing timetables. It provides a comprehensive range of features and options that make timetabling easier and more efficient. Get started with Untis today and simplify your timetabling process.

Untis Apk

Untis is an online scheduling software that helps schools and other educational institutions to manage their timetables. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly software that allows users to easily create, manage and publish timetables. It features a wide range of features such as automatic timetable creation, conflict detection and resolution, integration with other software, and more. It also provides tools for monitoring the progress of courses, tracking student attendance, and managing student records. It is an ideal solution for schools and other educational institutions who want to quickly and efficiently manage their timetables.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automatic timetable generation
  • Flexible editing options
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Integrated online communication
  • Integrated resource management
  • Integrated student and staff administration
  • Multi-platform compatibility

Untis Apk Download


Untis Apk Features

Feature Description
Timetable Management Manage the creation, editing, and publication of timetables for students, teachers, and other staff.
Class Management Create, edit, and manage classes, such as class size, students, and teachers.
Room Management Manage the availability of rooms, including booking and scheduling.
Teacher Scheduling Schedule teachers to classes, and manage their availability.
Student Scheduling Schedule students to classes, and manage their availability.
Communication Send notifications and messages to students, teachers, and other staff.
Reporting Generate reports about timetables, classes, teachers, and students.

What’s new in Untis

Update Version Date Changes
Untis 2020 2020.1 February 2020 Added support for Microsoft Outlook, improved performance, and enhanced user interface.
Untis 2019 2019.2 September 2019 Added support for Google Calendar, improved user access control, and added new features.
Untis 2018 2018.3 November 2018 Added support for Apple iCal, improved reporting capabilities, and added new features.
Untis 2017 2017.4 April 2017 Added support for third-party applications, improved data security, and added new features.