“Upgrade Dilemma: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 versus Galaxy Z Fold 2” – An SEO-optimized title.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: A Highly Capable Foldable Phone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is one of the top foldable phones available in the US, thanks to its Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip delivering exceptional battery performance. Additionally, the phone features remarkable cameras, making it a compelling device for users. Its Pros include premium build quality, great cameras, and excellent software support. However, its cons include a cramped cover display, heavyweight and slow charging speed.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: A Robust Workhorse

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a significant upgrade over the original Fold, with excellent improvements and changes such as a bigger cover display, switching to a 120Hz refresh rate, and more. However, like its predecessor, it falls short in the camera department. Its Pros include premium build quality, big internal display, and decent battery life. However, it has no IP rating, reliability issues, and is expensive.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Vs. Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 boasts yearly improvements like better display, faster chip, and improved cameras, making it one of the best android smartphones globally. Compared to 2020’s Fold 2, it has more significant changes, making it a better upgrade option. Its price ($1,800) is lower than the Fold 2 ($2,000), and it carries an IPX8 rating, making it more durable. The phone supports S Pen, although there’s no dedicated slot for it. It comes with 12GB RAM and up to 1TB storage, making it highly efficient for heavy users.

Build Quality and Durability

Unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy Fold, which had durability issues, Samsung has taken significant steps to address this issue in the Fold 4. It boasts an “optimized layer structure” on its folding screen and a redesigned hinge that makes it challenging for contaminants to damage internal components. Armor Aluminum frames, hinge cover, and Gorilla Glass Victus+ on the cover screen and rear glass bolster durability. With an IPX8 rating, it can survive fresh water for up to 30 minutes. The Fold 4 is considerably slimmer and more manageable with improved hardware despite remaining a heavyweight device.


The Galaxy Z Fold 4 retains the same 6.2-inch HD+ cover screen and 7.6-inch QXGA+ 120Hz foldable display as the Fold 2. Its aspect ratio has improved plus advancements in brightness and power efficiency, making it more usable.

Performance and Battery Life

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip inside the Fold 4 is more powerful than the Snapdragon 865+ present in the Fold 2. The Fold 4 delivers smoother animations, faster launch times, and seamless multitasking. Like the Fold 2, it features 12GB RAM and can have up to 1TB storage, but with more significant speed.