Upgrade Soon: The Underrated Samsung Accessory You Need to Know About

The Upcoming Release of Samsung’s New and Improved Galaxy SmartTags

Every technology company takes some form of inspiration from their competitors. The innovation cycle in mobile devices alternates between Samsung, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, with each one coming up with fresh ideas. However, no company can let their competitors outdo them, so they release their own version of the feature. It seems like everyone is copying off each other.

Apple released AirTags, which seemed like a direct copy of Tile Trackers. Before AirTags debuted in 2021, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy SmartTags a few months earlier. However, because Apple’s marketing machine had already spun up, the SmartTags were seen as a copy of a copy, and the accessory received lukewarm reviews that fell out of the zeitgeist after its release.

According to reports from SamMobile, Samsung is planning to unveil a second-generation series of Galaxy SmartTags sometime in Q3 2023, which is expected to be four to six months from now. There are no details on what improvements to expect, but it is expected to be launched in conjunction with the Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Buds 3, and potentially the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5.

Interestingly, this release might not be about beating Apple to the punch but rather Google. Rumors suggest that Google is expected to launch its version of Bluetooth trackers soon, putting pressure on Samsung to update its product line. Regardless of the reason, the public hopes that the new SmartTags will address the stalking issue inherent in Bluetooth trackers.