Upgrade your experience with the latest Oura smart ring technology.

Upgrade Your Wearable Game with Oura Gen3 Ring

While smartwatches have taken the realm of wearable devices by storm, it’s not the only option available out there. If you are not fond of wrist-based trackers, you can try out smart rings that provide you with similar health insights in a subtler footprint. One of the best rings in this category is the Oura Gen3 ring, and with its latest update, it’s getting even better.

Oura has announced a series of upgrades to its flagship product, the Oura Gen3 ring. Most of these upgrades focus on sleep, and they’re announced to coincide with World Sleep Week. The ring can now provide you with insight and rate how consistently you’re sleeping and identify potential disruptions that might be affecting your regular sleep. Additionally, the ring now also provides Sleep Scores for irregular sleepers to help them understand how well or badly they’re resting, compared to previously receiving sleep scores only after a full night’s sleep.

Moreover, the ring will also track your chronotype to give you info about your body clock and help you optimize your schedule based on whether you’re more of a night owl or an early bird.

It’s not just about sleep, though. The ring will add a new contributor color for activity, sleep, and readiness, where you get a middle ground represented using the color yellow. Previously the range was limited to only two extremes-blue for good and red for bad.

With these additions, the Oura Gen3 ring is fast becoming the go-to sleep tracker that’s comprehensively designed to help you get a grip on your body clock and identify possible sleep disorders. Look out for these new features in the Oura app soon; ensure that your app is fully updated if you want to check them out.