“Vote Now: Is the iPhone SE a Necessity?”

The Dilemma of the iPhone SE: A Question of Apple’s Business Decisions

When it comes to the smartphone market, it’s not uncommon to question the logic and sanity behind modern business decisions. This often leads to pondering the potential scenarios of what could have been. The iPhone SE was initially an exciting concept, a budget iPhone with the looks and feel of Apple’s main contenders, but it seems that Apple has lost its original objective while keeping the SE range alive.

The Evolution of the iPhone SE

The first generation of the iPhone SE turned heads and was a great little phone, while the second generation, released in 2020, was still relatively successful. However, it used the iPhone 8 design, which was considered outdated compared to the iPhone 12 lineup. This gap was too significant, and it seems that Apple lost the essence of the original goal – to offer a cheaper version of its portfolio without sacrificing too much in terms of design and performance.

Unfortunately, the third generation of the iPhone SE was hampered by old design choices and lazy engineering. Some users found it stuck in time, and it was met with disappointment rather than excitement.

Do We Need Another iPhone SE?

As rumors and talks about the next generation of the SE circulate, some believe that Apple should discontinue this product line altogether. But is this truly what consumers want? To answer this question, a poll was conducted, similar to the one that was conducted for the iPhone Plus. The majority of voters believe that it is unnecessary, and the same could be said for the SE range. However, not everyone shares this opinion. Some argue that they love their SE and that it shouldn’t be touched.

Join the Poll and Share Your Thoughts

Do we need the iPhone SE line to continue? Would you prefer a different approach to the budget aspect of Apple’s portfolio? Share your thoughts and join the poll to contribute to the ongoing discussion.

Do We Really Need an iPhone SE?


  • Yes, it’s great! Don’t touch my SE!: 62.2%
  • I’m not really sure/don’t have an opinion: 9.84%
  • Nah, Apple should end its suffering.: 25.98%
  • Other (leave a comment): 1.97%

Total Votes: 254

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