“Waze Finds Charging Stations Compatible with Your EV Type for Convenient EV Recharge”

Waze Introduces EV Charger Routing Solution

While driving long distances in an electric vehicle (EV), range anxiety can be an issue. However, careful planning for charging stops can ease the concern. Although there are apps such as PlugShare and Google Maps that can help drivers locate compatible charging stations, incorporating that information into a trip plan has been a challenge. Waze has now followed through on this need by creating an EV-charger-routing solution.

Google Maps and EV Charging Stops

In February, it was reported that Google Maps would begin offering support for planned EV charging stops. However, Waze has beaten Google Maps to the punch with its official feature support for this need. By entering the EV’s make, model, and plug type in the settings, users may locate compatible charging stations along their planned route and within their vicinity.

Waze tells drivers the distance to the charging station, the operating hours of the charging station, the maximum charging speed and the number of connectors available. By ensuring that all relevant information is known, drivers may decide better and reduce the risk of going to an incompatible charging point. Waze can also provide information on how to locate charging stations that may be in less obvious locations.

Waze’s feature is community-curated, which means that users can find out from other Waze users if a charging station is unavailable or inoperable during certain periods. The data is up-to-date, so the risk of turning up at a charging station that is unusable is lessened considerably.

Waze’s new feature is already being launched, but it may take a few weeks for it to become accessible worldwide. EV trips will be much more relaxed for Waze users as a result of this feature. Meanwhile, Google Maps has yet to introduce the option to add charging stops to its route-mapping.