What distinguishes Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 from A8? A comparison.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 vs Tab A8: Which Budget Tablet is Better?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a decent budget tablet for consuming media and browsing the web, although not quite as good as its successor, the Tab A8. It features the same cameras and a 1200p screen, but is a little less powerful with only 3GB of RAM and runs on Android 12.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a refreshed version of the older model and offers a better chipset and slightly larger display, but with the same great starting price. It also comes with up to 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It runs on Android 11 but can upgrade to Android 13.

Price, Availability, and Connectivity

The Tab A8 retails at the same $230 MSRP as the Tab A7 and is readily available from various retailers. While it offers Wi-Fi-only models in the US and Wi-Fi + Cellular models in Europe, it didn’t change anything significant in terms of connectivity from the Tab A7.


The Tab A8 offers a slightly squared design and less ugly camera on the back, giving it a sleeker look and feel compared to the Tab A7, with a similar front design.


The Tab A8’s 10.5-inch LCD display has a 1200p resolution and a 5:3 aspect ratio, making for a slightly wider display as opposed to the standard 1920 x 1080px display on the Tab A7. Both displays are crisp and clear, with the difference being minimal.


The Tab A8 comes with Android 11 and is immediately upgradable to Android 13, while the Tab A7 stops at Android 12 updates.


The Tab A8 uses the Unisoc Tiger T618 chipset, which performs better than the Snapdragon 662 inside the Tab A7. It also offers up to 4GB of RAM, while the Tab A7 maxes out at 3GB. While not meant for serious work or advanced gaming, the tablets perform basic tasks smoothly.

Battery Life

Both models pack a 7,040mAh battery with about 10 hours of screen time, making them last through a whole day with regular use.


Both tablets offer an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, with passable picture and video quality, but low-light performance is basically nonexistent.

Which One to Buy?

For most people, the Galaxy Tab A8 is the better choice since it performs better overall and offers more storage and RAM options. However, those looking to save money or love the 1200p screen may consider the Tab A7.