What To Watch on Netflix 2023 (Updated List)

Struggling with what to watch on Netflix 2023? Start with our list of the best Netflix shows of 2023. Updated weekly.

Some television shows on Netflix appeal to people of all generations; however, many other shows hardly offer anything noteworthy. While we update our list of Netflix’s best TV shows each week, we’re also trying to find a few other overlooked gems to share.

After all the hype is over, you may want to add Firefly Lane and the second season of Texas Killing Fields to air to your watchlist. Time is running out to get your Christmas fix – the premier season of the Italian comedy TV show I Hate Christmas is ready to kick off.

There are a number of other acquired Netflix Originals and Netflix exclusive programs created for adults, whether it is The Alienist, The Dragon Prince, or Rectify. Below, you will find a complete list of the greatest series on Netflix.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the best TV series on Netflix so you can stop searching and start watching ASAP.

What To Watch on Netflix 2023

Archive 81 (2022)

Enjoy sci-fi series with two timelines, have a spot for cults and mysteries, and meet Archive 81. This show stars Mamoudou Athie as Dan Turner, an archivist who goes to a job making restorations from media content dated between the ’90s.

Dark (2017-2020)

Germany’s Stranger Things deliberately takes the time before jumping into totally volumetric and genuinely interesting locations. A TV sci-fi noir, Dark fractures time traveling, conspiracy theories, and the lives of abandoned generations. The cornerstone is a missing child.

Stranger Things (2016—)

However, if Stranger Things somehow haven’t sunk your heart, things are about to click. We follow El, a mute girl who was the subject of scientific experiments. She develops telekinetic powers, which she uses to stop flesh-eating creatures from invading a terrifying alternative dimension.

Travelers (2016-2018)

Netflix, unfortunately, canceled Travelers after its third season, but this tightly plotted sci-fi from Canada concludes on a triumphant note. We start out with Marcy, a disabled person who’s harmed by suffering another individual. She is then buried, only to come back to life.

Black Mirror (2011—)

For his best work, Charlie Brooker’s grim anthology series Black Mirror often hits and misses, but at its best, it offers brilliant mini-movies that wager on innovative technological ideas that are explored through painfully human stories.

The Recruit

Noah Centineo stars in and writes the series spy thriller that is on Netflix, Noah’s directorial debut. As Owen Hendricks, his first assignment concerned about the Central Intelligence Agency threatens to expose the agency, he and his friends spontaneously work together to save the world.

Harry & Meghan

“Both volumes are now available; the six-part series was recently gradually released to audiences so they can follow every detail. The production was co-directed by the couple, so the episodes trace the media intrusion they took on from the series start.”

I Hate Christmas

Listening to Gianna, a young woman who frequently gets multiple queries regarding her spouse on a getaway, we intend to prevent any further inquiries. We thus devise a plan to get another, more desirable gentleman to join her for dinner.

Crime Scene: Texas Killing Fields

Throughout this miniseries, the 25-acre plot of land remains a mystery, we’re not going to settle any glaring questions. Instead, the shots are a lot like those within a very good Netflix documentary and supply a solid sense of the long-held beliefs and investigations in this location, where 30 women died of murder or missing.


Reboots, remakes, and revivals were gaining momentum in the world of television, so it wasn’t long before Netflix resuscitated the Tomato Family, reigniting interest in the golden era of gothic whimsy. Fortunately, Tim Burton, patron saint of genre fare, took horror-comedies reigns, resurrecting them in the fashion world.


This new series is a lot like Dark, but on a migrant steamship setting sail on the year. Its intertwined storyline certainly proves to be a partially slow burn, but those who care to give it their incentive will be rewarded with a brilliant and complicated mystery to obsess over.

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are intending to outline the next two seasons of a serialized story. As with the prior effort, this needs to be taken into consideration in the blocking stage.  Netflix, on the other hand, is very flexible nowadays.

Firefly Lane

Katherine Heigl (Rommmomer) and Scrubs alumni Sarah Chalke star in this Netflix adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s book Firefly Lane. The documentary that follows the couple over a 30-year period captures their evolution from a married couple who are now popular public figures.

Conclusion on What To Watch on Netflix 2023

Hope our guide on What To Watch on Netflix 2023 helps you to find some amazing series on Netflix. if you have any queries let me know in the comments.