“What’s Your Top Pick for the Best Gadget at MWC 2023?”

From brand-new foldables to rollable concepts, this show had everything

During the Mobile World Congress, Android Police searched for the latest smartphones that will soon hit the market. The show had an interesting array of brand-new devices and innovative concepts that will keep the industry moving forward for years to come.

One of the most enjoyable gadgets to use was Motorola’s rollable concept phone, the Rizr. While there are concerns about the implementation, the ability to watch a smartphone change in shape in the palm of your hand was very impressive. Though not ready for primetime, it’s incredible to see that a company is picking up on LG’s torch.

OnePlus debuted a phone with brand-new technology that could eventually make its way into retail units. The OnePlus 11 Concept has an LED design with “Active CryoFlux” technology to keep the phone’s temperature down during gaming and charging for improved functionality.

Honor launched two impressive phones during the event, the Magic Vs foldable and the Magic 5 Pro. The foldable phone provided excellent battery life, performance, and an impressive hinge, while the flagship Magic 5 Pro had an overall sleek design.

Xiaomi’s 13 and 13 Pro were also popular devices. AP’s Manuel Vonau spent time with the 13 Pro before its official announcement and was impressed with its 1″ camera sensor. While these phones may not arrive in the U.S., it’s possible they’ll inspire other manufacturers to enhance their own camera technology.

What device impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments or share a dark horse candidate. Bullitt’s Defy Satellite Link, which adds satellite connectivity to any smartphone, is worth trying out this summer. Keep in mind, however, that these five gadgets weren’t the only impressive devices at the show. Check out our Best of MWC awards for more.