WhatsApp Fixes Polls: Now You Can’t Choose Every Applicable Option

It should’ve always been this way

WhatsApp has a reputation for releasing features that are unpolished. Even after several updates, WhatsApp multi-device feels unfinished on linked devices, and missed call alerts do not function like normal calls. However, WhatsApp continues to add new features regularly. One of these new features is the capability to create polls in chats. WhatsApp is currently working on a fix that should have been included from the beginning.


WhatsApp introduced the poll option in November last year to make decision-making easier in larger group chats with many participants. However, respondents in group chats could select multiple poll options. This is great in certain situations where all options are relevant. However, several users also requested the option to limit respondents to selecting only one of the provided options.

According to a beta version ( test by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing a feature that allows respondents to select only one option, following numerous user requests. This will make certain polls more efficient, such as the poll on this page, where allowing readers to make multiple selections would render the results inconclusive.

Fortunately, WhatsApp is not planning to completely redesign the polls. The one-option restriction will appear as a toggle switch when creating a poll. This will retain the ability to create polls like those we have today, where all relevant options can be selected.

This is a rare instance where WhatsApp is fixing a feature after the rollout. We hope that other features in the messaging app will also receive similar treatment, with flaws being fixed even months or years after the original release. Additionally, WhatsApp could take more time to develop features to ensure they function correctly from the beginning.