Wifi FTP Server Apk Download (Latest Version)

This Wi-Fi FTP Server allows you to easily transfer files between your computer and other devices over a secure Wi-Fi connection. With this server, you can quickly and securely share documents, photos, music, and more with anyone in your home or office. Enjoy the convenience of wireless file sharing with this reliable and easy-to-use FTP server.

Wifi FTP Server Apk

A Wifi FTP Server is a device used to transfer files between computers over a wireless network. It is typically used in businesses to allow employees to easily share files with each other. It works by connecting to a wireless router and then allowing users to access the server’s files over the network. The server can be managed remotely, allowing for easy maintenance and updates. It also allows for secure file transfer, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the files. Wifi FTP servers are a great way to share files between computers without needing to use cables or other physical connections. They are also a great way to keep files secure and private.
  • Secure file sharing over the internet
  • Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Easy to setup and configure for remote access
  • Supports multiple users with individual access rights
  • Supports multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Supports multiple devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Supports multiple file formats including images, videos, and documents
  • Supports encryption for secure file transfer
  • User friendly web-based interface for easy administration

Wifi FTP Server Apk Download


Wifi FTP Server Apk Features

Feature Description
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Secure file transfer protocol used to securely transfer files over a network.
Web-Based Interface User friendly web-based interface for managing your FTP server.
Encrypted Connections Encrypted connections for added security when transferring files.
User Management Ability to create, delete, and manage user accounts for easy access control.
Bandwidth Limiting Ability to limit the amount of bandwidth used by each user.
Access Logs Detailed access logs that can be used to monitor user activity.
File Sharing Ability to share files with other users on the FTP server.

What’s new in Wifi FTP Server

Date Update Description
December 2020 Improved Security Added support for two-factor authentication and improved encryption.
October 2020 New Features Added support for remote access, file transfers, and server-side scripting.
August 2020 Performance Enhancements Improved speed and reliability of the server.
June 2020 Bug Fixes Fixed various bugs and improved stability.