Yandex Browser Beta Apk Download (Latest Version)

Discover the power of Yandex Browser Beta, the new and improved web browser from Yandex. Enjoy faster, more secure and more intuitive web browsing with innovative features like Turbo Mode, built-in Ad Blocker and more. Try it now and experience the future of web browsing.

Yandex Browser Beta Apk

Yandex Browser Beta is a free web browser from the Russian internet company, Yandex. It is based on the Chromium open source project, and offers users a fast, secure, and personalized browsing experience. Yandex Browser Beta features a powerful ad blocker, which blocks intrusive ads and helps users save internet data. It also offers a built-in password manager, which stores your passwords safely and securely, and a private search mode, which doesn’t track your search history. Yandex Browser Beta also includes a variety of customization options, such as themes, wallpapers, and extensions. With its advanced security features and user-friendly interface, Yandex Browser Beta is a great choice for anyone looking for a secure and private browsing experience.
  • Customizable interface
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • SmartBox for quick search
  • Turbo mode for faster page loading
  • Personalized news feed
  • Secure connection with HTTPS Everywhere
  • Syncing bookmarks, history, and settings

Yandex Browser Beta Apk Download


Yandex Browser Beta Apk Features

Feature Yandex Browser Beta
Security Protects against malicious websites and phishing attempts with Kaspersky Lab’s security technology.
SmartBox Search and navigate quickly with the combined address and search bar.
Turbo Mode Browse faster on slow connections with Turbo Mode.
SmartBox Voice Search Search the web with your voice.
Syncing Sync your bookmarks, extensions, passwords, and settings across all your devices.
Ad Blocker Browse faster and safer with built-in ad blocking.
Extensions Customize your browser with extensions.

What’s new in Yandex Browser Beta

Date Version Changes
March 28, 2020 v19.4.2.282 Added support for Yandex.Money, improved performance, and fixed various bugs
January 10, 2020 v19.3.3.270 Added support for dark mode, improved performance, and fixed various bugs
November 26, 2019 v19.2.1.259 Added support for WebVR, improved performance, and fixed various bugs
September 10, 2019 v19.1.0.247 Added support for WebAssembly, improved performance, and fixed various bugs