“YouTube TV Price Surge: Now Over Double the Cost Since Launch”

Cord-Cutters Face Price Hike for YouTube TV

Those who have cut the cord from traditional media may experience sticker shock as Google plans to raise the cost for its streaming service, YouTube TV. The base plan will jump from $65 to $73 a month, over double the $35 it cost when it launched in 2017. This is due to the rising cost of content, according to Google.

New users will pay the increased price upon signup, while existing customers will not experience an increase in their bills until after April 18th. Those who have paused their YouTube TV account, but plan to unpause it will see the new fee reflected in their membership.

Although the price increase is not welcome news, the 4K Plus add-on is becoming cheaper, going down from $20 a month to $10 a month. Those who already subscribed to the add-on will have a slightly lower bill going forward.

Despite the increase, the $73 monthly bill will still provide customers with the same features as the YouTube TV base tier, such as over 100 channels and a DVR with unlimited storage. This is more than double the number of networks available from the service’s initial launch. Additionally, customers can have up to six family members or friends on their account and three simultaneous streams.

If customers do not want to pay $73 per month for YouTube TV’s base plan, purchasing access to individual shows and primetime channels is available separately. Channels offered are Showtime, Starz, NBA, AMC, and many others.

Other streaming options are also available for customers, including Hulu Live TV, which is slightly cheaper at $70/month. A Hulu and Disney+ bundle is also available for $10/month if VOD is used primarily. Sling’s basic plans start at $40 a month, giving customers the potential for savings depending on their television watching habits.